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Executive Associate, JLCM Many of the “Witness for Justice” opinion editorials authored by our team take a form of advocacy, protest, and/or witness to highlight an injustice in some corner of our global community. Often, it is a clarion call to the members our churches, as well as to our neighbors in town squares across


Church leaders welcome baseball name change in Cleveland

Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team will take the field in 2022 with a new name: Guardians. United Church of Christ leaders welcomed the team’s July 23 announcement. For decades, the denomination has pressed for the name “Indians” to be replaced. The Guardians will start using this logo in 2022. It’s been 30 years, in fact,


Irwin Smallwood: How I see General Synod

And I thought I had seen it all… After you have attended a dozen or more General Synods, as I have, you get the feeling that the more things change, the more they stay the same. At least, that’s what… The post Irwin Smallwood: How I see General Synod appeared first on United Church of