Historical Roots

Our History

On the 13th of July, 1833, a number of professed Christians met at the house of Deacon Josiah Owen in Grand Blanc, for the purpose of uniting together in the fellowship and communion of a church.  By 1855, a Meeting House was built at a cost of $850.00.  It was dedicated on September 12th and remained in the vicinity of Saginaw and Holly Roads for the next 30 years.  During the period, the chuch helped the community grow in spirit, and bear the anguish of the Civil War and spread the Gospel message.

The pastoral leadership of the church in the beginning was served occasionally by ordained ministers, who were passing through, or residing temporarily in the area.  In 1838, it became the practice to call a minister to preach for the whole year.  The policy was followed whenever a man was available, and sometimes he and his family lived in a log house owned by one of the members for it wasn’t until 1864 that a parsonage was built.  A procession of men faithfully served the Lord and the interests of the congregation, some staying a few months, some a few years, with salaries in those latter years ranging from $500 to $600 annually.

The year 1885 was an important one in the history of this church, for it was then that its second building was erected on Grand Blanc Road, a short distance west of Saginaw Street at a cost of $4, 893.00.  Over the next 63 years, the records tell of the business side of the organization and many interesting events.  Among them were the replacing of the parsonage in 1901 and 1930, the church addition in 1926 and the 100th Anniversary Celebration in 1933.  But we know that the faith that its people proclaimed was the sustaining and guiding force that saw them through the turn of the century, World War I, the Roaring 20’s, the depression of the 30’s, and World War II.

In the fall of 1948, the sanctuary was extensively redecorated and the congregation worshipped with the Methodists during that period.  In 1951, the basement was remodeled, and in 1958, a Christian Education Unit was added as the first step of a master plan that would eventually include a new sanctuary.  That same year, this church became a part of the United Church of Christ, the denomination formed in June of 1957 by the merger of the Congregational Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church.  The church was then named First Congregational United Church of Christ.

With the rapid development of Grand Blanc in more recent years, and the difficulties that would be encountered because of limited land space, it was decided to erect a new building at a new location.  In March of 1966, the present 9 acre site was purchased, financing was arranged and the groundbreaking took place July of 1967, and our beautiful building was constructed over the next 15 months at a cost of $430,000.  The first service was held, and the cornerstone laid, on October 13, 1968.  A tie with the past is maintained through the 1885 church bell, which was moved from the old steeple to the new location, and continues to call the worshipers together each Sunday.