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When Did We See You?

Minister of Racial Justice Some of the church folks in the crowd were confused, looked around and asked Jesus, “When did we see you hungry, thirsty, and imprisoned? And you say you were beaten, shot, and hung? When did we see you treated like an animal, and less than human?” Matthew 22:35-40 (The RSVP Remix)


Anton T. Boisen and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Pastoral education for American clergy changed dramatically during the 20th century.  Theological seminaries had been shaped by Biblical scholars and liturgical traditions focused on scholarship.  However, the most important changes in theological education were shaped by a man named Anton Theophilus Boisen (October 1876–1965).  Boisen was born in Indiana, he graduated and taught at Indiana University,


Tending to emotions, spirits in disaster

Homes need rebuilding following a disaster. So do hearts. United Church of Christ Disaster Ministries helps with both. Even as it works to restore families to clean, safe homes, it is stepping up its support for stressed disaster survivors and their often overstretched caregivers. Banner; John Lennon memorial in New York’s Central Park. Above: A