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The First Female Executive in the United Church of Christ

Church history scholars regularly celebrate the stories of clergy leaders, focusing on ordained men who serve local congregations, manage denominational tasks, shape theology, and define church identity. Although there are often more lay women who are active members in Christian churches, honoring women’s lives and recognizing their leadership remained secondary. Marilyn Breitling (1933-2018) grew up


UCC minister: On the ground, at ‘ground zero’

Tired.    That’s how most people here respond when you ask them how they’re doing. It has been a very long year in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Like all others around the world, we’ve been gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, lives and local economies devastated.… The post UCC minister: On the ground, at ‘ground zero’ appeared first on United Church


Latest International Grants from UCC Global H.O.P.E.

India, Honduras, Nicaragua, Jordan and Syria. UCC Global H.O.P.E. just said “yes” to funding requests from partners serving in those countries. Damage from Hurricane Eta. (Banner: Volunteers prepare food for distribution.) In all cases, the UCC funding goes toward a global ecumenical sharing of resources to help meet needs created or exacerbated by natural and


Possibilities – United Church of Christ

Policy Advocate for Domestic Issues Last year I wrote my Witness for Justice column as the world shut down. I remember struggling to write about celebrating the empty tomb and singing Alleluias in a world that reflected back not joy but sorrow. I was reminded then of why we choose faith over and over, often