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When Will It Be Over?

In July I was able to travel back to Charlottesville, Virginia, where I had lived for six years before moving to Arizona, and witness the Confederate statues finally come down. It was a long time coming, five years since then-15-year-old Zyhanna Bryant called for their removal, four years after the 2017 summer of hate in


History inspires UCC-related seminary’s new name

Hartford Seminary has a new name, partly inspired by an old one. To be sure, the new name — Hartford International University for Religion and Peace — is forward-looking. It will “better reflect the expanded, international scope of our rigorous academic programs, research and partnerships,” said university President Joel N. Lohr in an Oct. 13


Who Are These Rules Serving?

Policy Advocate for Domestic Issues You might have heard a lot recently about the filibuster in Congress. It’s a rule in the Senate that allows any Senator to hold up legislation, making it harder for legislation to pass because it requires a supermajority—60 votes—for passage through the Senate. Baked into the Senate rules of conduct


UCC national mandates COVID-19 vaccines for staff

Add the United Church of Christ national offices to the list of organizations mandating COVID-19 vaccines. “UCC national is committed to the health and safety of our employees, their families and the community at large. It made sense to mandate the vaccine now that the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine,” said Alisa Lewis, director of


Colorado church becomes ‘firearms recycling center’

It’s a “firearms recycling center.”  That’s what the Rev. Sarah Verasco, senior minister of United Church of Christ, Longmont, Colo., is calling her church after a gun buyback day Sept. 25.  Karina Doyle and John Parsons using a chop saw to disable guns at Longmont United Church of Christ’s gun buyback event. “In Longmont, you can bring metal scraps for recycling and get