The Net (High School)
Growing to Serve God Since 1833 | Service Time Sunday 10:30 AM
First Congregational United Church of Christ | 6494 Belsay Road Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439

The Net (High School)

The Senior High group meets Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Our senior high youth learn to walk the path of discipleship in the world and participate in study and fellowship events. All study and activities are focused on the five biblical purposes. Each year, the Net participates in special service projects including Work Camp, a week of focus on outreach, and community-building.

Mission Trips: Each June, to close out our program year, the senior high youth participate in a “work camp” experience.  This group has traveled to Missouri to work with developmentally disabled adults, Kentucky to build a home with Habitat for Humanity, Missouri again to help a community center for children rebuild after a tornado hit the grounds of the center, Tennessee to blaze trails in the hills of the Big South Fork National Park, and Pennsylvania to serve homeless people in the city of Philadelphia.  This year the group will be taking 16 young people to Daytona, Florida to help with the building of two Habitat homes.

Work camp gives these young people an opportunity to serve God’s people in all environments.  We plan our destinations in order to give the youth an experience in a variety of settings:  inner city, rural, and suburban areas.  This allows the youth to see the way people live and the struggles they face that are different from their own.   We are all children of God and it is important for young people to see the many opportunities to serve Gods people not only in their own community but others too.

The mission trips provided through FCUCC change these young people.  They experience things that open their eyes to a different world, a world they can make a difference in.

Youth Retreats:  Each year both our middle and senior high youth participate in winter retreats.  These are great opportunities to grow together as a group and fellowship with one another.  It gives the youth director and youth mentors a chance to connect with the group as a whole as well as one-on-one with the kids, building relationships and growing unity.  The groups participate in a themed study throughout the weekend and share in small group discussions.  Retreats have a tremendous impact on the whole group and truly bring them together as friends, building solid relationships and connections with one another to grow as Disciples of Christ.
Events outside of the church setting help these young people learn to share their faith with each other and gain a level of trust and security; these things are imperative for our youth to gain the confidence to share their faith with others outside the comforts of the church setting.