Worship Team
Growing to Serve God Since 1833 | Service Time Sunday 10:30 AM
First Congregational United Church of Christ | 6494 Belsay Road Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439

Worship Team


This team focuses on coordination of all aspects of the worship services to ensure all worship services are to the glory of God. The Senior Pastor and the Director of Music will be permanent members of the Worship Team.

Areas of responsibility include the following:

• Offering services of worship, inspiration and prayer that meet the needs of the
• Developing plans for the spiritual content of each worship service
• Integrating music into the worship services
• Coordinating the physical aspects of each worship program (i.e., ushers, hosts,
flowers, ritual of friendship, sacraments, etc.)
• Establishing a music program that enhances the worship experience and enlists
the participation of our congregation
• Providing and maintaining a music library
• Maintaining worship equipment and supplies, including instruments
• Arranging for an interim or supply pastor in case of a pulpit vacancy